Rosco stage Platforms (Rent and sale)

Rosco Stage Platforms

Rosco type quick mounting stage platforms are the most suitable solution for basic type needs, at affordable prices and with different combinations of sizes and heights.
Allows mounting on uneven terrain.


Structure: High resistance extorted aluminum and zinc plated screws, hardness DIN 5.6. In all screw connections, any part is replaceable.
Platform: Phenolic wood, 21mm non-slip marine plywood.
Resistance: 750 kg / m2

We have platforms for:

Stages for company events. Corporate
Stages for concerts
Stages for Festivals
Stages for Major Parties
Stages for cultural events
Stages for fairs and conventions
Stages for sporting events
Stages for fashion shows
Stages for Mice events
Wedding Stages
Choir stages

Grandstands (Rent and sale)

Provisinal Grandstands

Rental and installation of grandstands with or without seats. Layher or modular Rosco-Sumescal systems, the latter up to a maximum of 5 levels.
Possibility of covering the stands with our independent covers.

Disponemos de gradas para:

Grandstands for company events. Corporate
Grandstands for concerts
Grandstands for Festivals
Grandstands for Major Parties
Grandstands for cultural events
Grandstands for fairs and conventions
Grandstands for sporting events
Grandstands for fashion shows
Grandstands for Mice events
Wedding stands
Choir stands

Layher (Rent and sale)

LAYHER Structures

 Layher's Allround systems allow everything from basic assemblies to large structures. We have Layher rental solutions for FOH Control, PA towers, accesses and stages.
Download the catalog here.


The admissible load capacity of the stage surface is up to 7.5 kN / m² and its height can be up to 10 meters, depending on the structural resistance.

Maximum versatility

Stages and structures at different levels.

  • The great versatility of the Layher elements allow to obtain any height totally in solidarity with the rest of the structure.

Irregular surfaces

  • Perfect for mounting on uneven surfaces. Thanks to its robustness and leveling possibilities, it is a guarantee to provide a solution to most structures on land of this type.

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